Las Vegas “Bad Markers” Defense Lawyers

A gambling marker is the main way casinos give credit to their customers.  That credit allows the patrons to continue gambling. When signing a gambling marker, people often don't realize that Nevada law treats the markers like personal checks. Failure to pay a gambling marker is a crime in Nevada and will result in a warrant for your arrest, even if you live out of state or out of the country.

At Wright Marsh & Levy, we defend American citizens and foreign nationals who have been charged with failing to pay gambling markers.  We have the knowledge, experience, and familiarity with the gambling statutes and regulations to build a strong case in your defense.  We are Nevada’s leaders in challenging the use of state criminal prosecutions to collect on markers.

In addition to defense for bad markers, our attorneys handle all types of gambling crimes, including conducting gambling operations outside of state law, betting, sports book operations, international gambling, Internet gambling, and cheating. If you have been charged with a gambling crime, our lawyers will work to protect your rights and interests in all stages of a criminal investigation and prosecution.

Casino Crimes and Extradition

If you were charged with a crime in Nevada and live out of state, you may face extradition, and we can help with this too. We will work with the attorney out of state, as well as the local District Attorney, to recall the arrest warrant and keep you out of jail.

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