Criminal Defense

  • White collar crimes  No law firm has more experience in Nevada than we have in defending against charges, whether state or federal, of white collar crime such as wire and mail fraud, conspiracy, corrupt practices, embezzlement, and violations of securities or gaming laws.  We are likewise unsurpassed in our track record of protecting witnesses caught up in these kinds of serious matters.
  • "Bad markers" and gambling crimes — We defend American citizens and foreign nationals who have been criminally charged with failing to pay markers.  We are Nevada’s leaders in challenging the use of state criminal prosecutions to collect on markers.  We also defend against charges of cheating and other gaming-related crimes. 
  • Health care crimes — If you are under investigation or charged in a health care fraud case, you need to obtain legal representation as soon as possible. Our attorneys are skilled in defending against criminal charges leveled against health-care providers.
  • Domestic violence, assault, and battery — The Nevada criminal justice system takes allegations of domestic violence very seriously.  These kinds of charges can result in you losing custody of your children, your job, and your right to possess firearms.  If you are an immigrant, you face deportation.  We have the skill and the experience to give you the strongest possible defense.
  • Drug offenses — Nevada has some of the strictest drug possession and distribution laws in the country.  Don’t believe otherwise just because of Nevada’s new laws on marijuana.  If you are charged with drug-related crimes in Nevada, you definitely need what we can bring to the fight.
  • DUI and DWI — Whether you were under the influence of alcohol, a prescription drug, a narcotic, or a controlled substance, there are mandatory punishments if you are convicted.  That makes all the more important the quality of your defense.
  • Homicide — If you or someone you love has been charged with homicide, your need for the strongest possible defense is matched by our ability to provide it. 
  • Other state and federal offenses — Wright Marsh & Levy’s superb team of criminal defense lawyers also handle other serious state and federal crimes.
  • Sealing of Criminal Records — Wright Marsh & Levy also assists people who wish to have past criminal records sealed