Las Vegas Criminal Defense Lawyers . . . and More

The lawyers at Wright Marsh & Levy protect people and companies caught up in government or corporate investigations, in the criminal justice system (as defendants or witnesses), in professional licensing and disciplinary actions, and in high-stakes civil cases. 

Criminal Defense

At Wright Marsh & Levy, we protect your rights and interests in all stages of a criminal investigation and prosecution – with skill and passion. We have been doing that for our clients for the past four decades, in the process becoming one of Nevada’s preeminent and most respected criminal defense firms.

Our clients have included the prominent and powerful as well as ordinary folks, foreign nationals as well as locals and residents of many states, people charged with crimes as well as those involved in the criminal justice system only as witnesses.

Our skills and experience, developed in countless cases in federal and state courts, cover a key range of criminal investigations and prosecutions:

We will earn your trust by the way we protect your rights and interests, by the way we prepare your defense, by the value of our advice, and by our straight talk.


Investigations of possible wrong-doing often sweep up many good individuals and companies and always create grave risks of tarnished reputations, of adverse employment actions, and even of criminal charges.  Much of our time and energy is devoted to protecting those caught up in such investigations.

Professional Licensing and Disciplinary Proceedings

For a licensed professional, a criminal conviction or even an allegation of fraud, financial or other kind of misconduct, or addiction is highly likely to lead to a state-instigated disciplinary proceeding.  That proceeding can result in substantial fines and/or license revocation.  We defend effectively your hard-earned professional standing.

Civil Litigation

Whether it is in federal court or state court and call it what you will – “high stakes,” “bet the farm,” “must win” – when that civil action confronts you or your company, this firm has the skilled and zealous advocates such cases demand.  When losing is not an option, this firm merits your serious consideration.